G. Sawitzki StatLab Heidelberg Data analysis and visualisation for small dimensions
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Data analysis and visualisation for small dimensions

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Media Repository: Orion-I

John A. McDonald, 1980+

Keywords: Linking, Scatterplot brushing

The paper: Orion-I: Interactive Graphics for Data Analysis

John McDonald's home page

Werner Stuetzle's project note

Video: Orion-I. From
Exploring data with the Orion-1 workstation (with J.H. Friedman and J.A. McDonald).
Sound film, 25 minutes; Bin-88 Productions, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, 1982
Video presented with kind permission of J.A. McDonald.


Complete Video
MPEG-4, 50% Quality
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Orion-I: brushing with linked windows

core clip time 13:09,16 - 15:27,17
MPEG-4, 50% Quality
320 * 240
7.5 MB

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video MPEG-4 medium quality; 75% size; 39.5 MB Quicktime Movie,

video MPEG-4 full quality; 100% size; 777.8 MB Quicktime Movie


Orion-I: brushing a scatterplot matrix

core clip time 16:25 - 16:48
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video medium quality; 75% size; 6.2 MB Quicktime Movie

video full quality; 100% size; 138.6 MB Quicktime Movie

scatterplot brushing