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Oberon Installation Hints:

Canterbury Oberon-2 for Java.

We are providing installation information which was helpful to us. This may be outdated the time you read it. But if it is still helpful to you, we are happy. Comments/corrections are welcome.
Installing System 3Installing ItO (German) Installing S3 for Win 3x


Canterbury Oberon-2 for Java is an Oberon to Jave converter. The Oberon implementations follows the Oakwood Guidelines.

 To use Canterbury Oberon-2 for Java, you need a fully pre-installed Java development kit.


A time limited evaluation copy is available from Mill Hill & Canterbury Corporation, Ltd..


Windows 32, OS/2 or UNIX

To use Canterbury Oberon-2 with Windows 32, OS/2 or UNIX, follow the installation instructions on the Canterbury home page.


To use Canterbury Oberon-2 with MacOS, install the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) environment. You can download the most recent version of MRJ (version 2.0 or better) for the Apple Java Web page. To run Canterbury Oberon-2 in this environment, use Apple's JBindery which is included in MRJ or Metrowerk's Code Warrior.

Additional hints for MRJ/JBindary